Halion Scripting Lua Resources

Halion Scripting Lua Resources

When Steinberg released Halion 6, which included Halion Scripting (based on Lua) and a UI builder in February of this year, I was very excited to see what’s cooking under the hood.

I expected there to be a learning curve, but the reality was much more daunting. Not being a programmer, there was a point where I thought I would never fully grasp all the concepts and syntax, leaving me with limited use of the Halion scripting language. The online reference for Programming in Lua largely uses single letter variables in it’s explanations, with very little real world language in examples. This made following the trail of a script twice as hard.

On the other hand the Halion 6 scripting reference was more like a dictionary and the supplied examples served more to explain themselves than show a practical use. The scripts included in instruments where also hard to follow, as their exact “global” purpose wasn’t immediately clear, even after reading the added comments.

Even though I’ve messed around with JavaScript in the past and some of the jargon and concepts were familiar, it became clear that I will have to learn this thing from the ground up. But where to from here? Google initially didn’t reveal much, only a snippet her and there. Over time though, a few useful results started to bubble to the surface.

Learn Lua – Brian Burton

This Youtube playlist is very good to begin with.

The videos are fairly short and to the point. The use of real world language and practical examples help make you more comfortable with the Lua language. Working through these a few times will lay the groundwork for continuing on to Halion Scripting.

There are a few Lua and general programming concepts which are not covered, but the next playlist will take care of that.

Lua Tutorials – KarmaKilledtheCat

This playlist is a bit more lengthy than the previous one, but obviously takes a closer look at Lua and programming in general.

Lua mimicking  Object Oriented Programming and topics such as meta tables are covered in greater depth. Not everything covered in these videos will apply to Halion Scripting, though having more detailed knowledge of what the previous playlist covered, is essential in the long run.

Again, the use of regular language and relatable examples, makes the information more digestible. This playlist covers most the “Programming in Lua” reference and is very thorough.

Steinberg developers have also been on the Halion forum and made some additions to the online script reference based on common user questions. To a certain extent I think the HALion Script Home might progress even more over time as users give feedback on the topic.

As these playlists make you more familiar with Lua syntax, the Halion reference and scripts become much less confusing. Basically when you get to the point where you start identifying functions as Lua functions, Halion functions or user declared, the scripts quickly start making sense.

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