My 2 Favourite Youtube Audio Resources

My 2 Favourite Youtube Audio Resources

Nowadays, doing a Youtube search for an audio tutorial on your chosen subject, can likely lead to much confusion and wasted time. So many results will be parroting the same drivel, tell you what settings to use rather than explaining the underlying concepts or give you sub-par instruction based on poor understanding of the workings of audio.

To help make sense of the noise and because I got tired seeing “no posts” on my main page, I thought I’d quickly share my 2 favourite Youtube resources.

Dave Pensado’s channel probably needs little introduction. As of writing this he has 160k subscribers, he’s won a Grammy and has mixed for some of the biggest names in the business. So there you go! He’s doing well.

His into the lair series is a vault of knowledge and creative mixing ideas. Such as how to add bite to your kick drum using a soccer ball.

His channel also has great guests and interviews, giving fresh perspective and bringing new approaches to recording and mixing techniques.

Mixbus TV has a very solid following and with good reason. Whether you need to brush up on skills or dig much deeper into the workings of audio processing, this is the place to be. His ultimate compression playlist should convince you of this very quickly.

Compression is a misleadingly simple process and every now and then I start doubting my approach. This series set me straight very quickly.

With an extensive collection of real world mixing tutorials, debunking of audio myths and solid workflow advice, this channel has become a regular “go to” for me.

This site will mainly be repository for my work , but I will be posting some articles on sound design, synth programming and interesting web finds. I’m thinking of writing a few posts about Cubase, Halion and Dune 2.5 among others. So if anyone ever reads this, it might be worth checking back every once in a while.

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